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Additional information

Java applets in Norine

When you open a result page or the Norine Editor page for the first time, a security dialog box displays and asks you if you want to execute the application. Accepting, just allows you to save output file of the visualisazation applet or to open files from your local directories in the Norine Editor applet .

If you can't see the applet, it means that your computer needs a Java plug in. It is free and fast to install from the SUN site.

Structure visualization

This Java applet draws the structure of a peptide in two dimensions. You can save the peptide structure as an image by clicking on the "saveAs" button. You can also save the structure as a text file with the .nor extension by clicking on "saveAs Text" button. This file can be open in the Norine Editor. You have a choice between two node representations and you can switch between them by clicking on "changeNode" button. A click on the "Redraw" button redraws the structure differently.

Graphical view

Using the "graphical view" option, you can switch to a graphical representation of the result of your query. This means that several graphs representing the main properties of the peptides outputted will be drawn.
Five graphs are produced:

In addition to the statistical information they offer, all these charts are interactive, which mean that you can click on a specific property to filter the original list. This will give you a new list of peptides, filtered by this new constraint.